Two science classes ago, I introduced my students to the unseen world of microorganisms. Science class consisted of a couple of activities:

  1. A short talk about microorganisms, with some cool photos of single-celled organisms under the microscope. I told them about bad bacteria but also about the host of good microorganisms. We talked about cells and looked at photos of animal and plant cells. We also discussed the meaning of the words microbiologist and microscope and how ‘micro’ means really tiny.
  2. Yeast is an example of a microorganism. We fed some yeast with sugar and watched as the yeast produced carbon dioxide. I asked them what the yeast smelled like. One kid said ‘bread’ and another said ‘beer’. Good job friends!
  3. We looked at various things through a microscope: onion cells, sugar, yeast (not very clear), sea sand, money.
  4. While waiting for their turn to use the microscope, the kids used water colours to create their own microorganisms. This was inspired by this beautiful art by Amy Oyler. Our art teacher was free and joined us, so that was a great help. Here’s what the kids came up with:
  5. microorgmicroorg3microorg4


The last painting, according to the artist, depicts a battle between good microorganism and our body’s red and white blood cells.


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